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Photo and camera tours in Iceland

Photo and camera tourscamera

In Iceland Hunting and fishing are very popular activities among tourists in Iceland. However, much more attractive is another kind of hunting– photographing, when you hunt for northern lights, beautiful light of midnight sun, unique shapes and colors of mountains, all kinds of water in Iceland: ice, glaciers, streams, rivers or picturesque Atlantic shore.

It is so easy to make pictures in Iceland. Just take your smartphone and shoot everything you find beautiful. But if you are professional photographer or photography is your strong hobby – you have to take it more seriously. Better way to make fine Iceland photo portfolio is a take part in photo workshop or phototours. During workshop local expert teach you how to use your camera and shot pictures in a difficult lighting conditions, help you to find best angle and of course show you most beautiful and attractive places to make photography.

As I driver on my cool and strong Toyota I help to provide phototours for. In my humble opinion, he is one of the best landscape photographer in Iceland. You can see this if you open his website and just look on photos of northern lights and all beautiful Iceland nature

This is my cool and strong Jeep. It is a perfect vehicle for small groups, up to 4 people. If needed I use luggage trailer for your stuff and equipment. You can use wi-fi inside to download fresh photos to your blog. So take you camera and be ready best photo adventure in your life. Welcome to Iceland! Best regards, Hörður Hrafndal









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